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6 Reasons Why BEAUX is the Best Wall Decor on the Planet

6 Reasons Why BEAUX is the Best Wall Decor on the Planet

From the Cavemen and their framed rocks to hipsters and their hanging plants; wall decor is something that has evolved and will keep evolving forever.

Now a days though there are so many different options on what people can put on their walls. I've seen so many different types of wall decor that I can't even begin to name them. Every day on my instagram I get a new advertisement  for something to put on my walls and some of them are really beautiful, but today I want to tell you why BEAUX is the best one of them.


In the last ten to fifteen years canvas pictures have become huge. I swear every house I go in has at least a couple. Personally I thought they were awesome, people had huge family pictures even at times life-size and the "frameless" look of the canvas made it look really minimal and simple.

The terrible thing about canvases though is that you can't change them. Yeah, you can buy a new one, but in order to do that you need to take off the frame, hang up the new one, and then find a place to put the old one. They take up a lot of space and can have a whole process to replacing. Everyone I know never swaps back and forth between their pictures and that just because quite honestly, it's inconvenient.

Beaux on the other hand solves this beautifully. You buy 1 picture frame, you order as many stretch fabric pictures as you'd like and you're good to go. Our stretch fabric pictures have thin plastic strips sewn carefully into the edge allowing them to be inserted into the channels of our frame. You never have to take the frame off. Just push out the fabric you want to replace and insert the new one. It literally takes 20 seconds. No stress. No hassle. Just simple and easy.


Accidents happen. It may be your fault, your spouse, your kid, or both you never know, but they are bound to happen sometime. Well if you want to be an expert in emergency preparedness then BEAUX is the answer. Our stretch fabrics can be washed without losing color, resolution, or durability. Just remember to keep the water on cold and the spin cycle nice and slow.


Remember how I talked about how frustrating it is to find space for you canvas'? With BEAUX once a stretch fabric is taken off, you just fold it like a T-shirt and put it on the shelf. This way you can have an endless amount of pictures to insert into your frame. From Christmas pictures to beach vacations you can constantly be switching your pictures and storing the rest for later.


Where I live there are a bunch of options for your pictures. There are canvas shops, there are framing shops, and there are art shops. All of them cost a ridiculous amount of money. We sell our 40x60 Frame + 1 Stretch Fabric for 249$. Most canvas' that same size are 275$ - 500$ and that's with the discount! If you ever want a new one you have to pay that same amount every single time. With BEAUX once you have your 40x60 Gold frame hung up, it's only 100$ each new stretch fabric. Depending on how often you take pictures and how often you want to switch, you are saving hundreds of dollars a year!


 It's all you. Your family, your adventures, your passions. You get to choose your size and frame color and then upload all your own images. We all have stories to tell and moments of greatness. BEAUX doesn't force us into remembering just a couple of them, but lets us remember all of them. If you don't want to do a picture of you or your family that's fine as well. We can print anything you'd like as long as you have ownership rights. If you want to search cool pictures that are free look at our "Free Stock Photos" link at the bottom of our website.


There is a lot of modern home/wall decor on the market today. It's usually expensive and made with cheap materials, ours isn't. Our frames are made from high-quality light weight aluminum that will last you decades. You could literally keep a frame for twenty years. They are simple, sleek, and beautiful and they are destined to make any room standout and give it a modern professional feel.

BEAUX will surpass all your expectations if you're willing to give it a try. We promise that it is the most stress-free and modern home decor and that you'll be satisfied to the fullest, and if your not, we'll give you your money back.

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