Beaux Frames


Founders - Chuch & Ale Nichols



"To provide modern and affordable wall decor that will tell your life story for decades to come."


We started "BEAUX" after noticing how challenging it was for people to get their pictures in a modern, beautiful, and affordable way. Canvas pictures seemed well-priced, but had to be replaced every year, were low quality, and hard to store once you were done using them. Custom Framing shops had outrageous pricing and you could only frame one picture and then you were done. You either had go with low quality or frame it and keep it forever, and honestly...we didn't like that.

After a 72 hour car ride from Salt Lake City to Miami and back again for the company we were working for we had a lot of time to talk, maybe even too much. "BEAUX" was the answer that came to mind.

A frame + fabric system that would allow people to hang up the frame and then switch out fabrics with their pictures on them with ease. It was budget friendly, super high-quality, and easy to store and put away.

We made some prototypes which were terrible, but they really help us perfect the idea. After about 3 months of this we started showing people and they would always be amazed and get really excited. We are very happy with what we have now and the chance we have to offer these to people all over the country. 

If you need family pictures for your home we know that you'll love and eventually become obsessed with Beaux.




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